• am1387c

    Jonah and Charly

    Hot latino surfer Jonas was straight when he first came to LatinBoyz.Com. Then he agreed to let a guy suck his beautiful dick. A couple weeks later he let two guys suck his cock, and even fucked one of them. Now in this new scene he fucks cute new model Charly raw in the shower and then finishes it in »more

  • Topaz_and_Messi_Latinboyz_007

    Topaz and Messi

    Topaz was bored hanging out on the local intercourse membership when he noticed the bartender Messi checking him out. He informed him he could suck on his dick and if he did that good he may fuck him, too. But on one condition. Topaz does not reciprocate and he solely fucks bareback and he fucks »more

  • Goyo-Solo_01002


    When our model Rudy brought in his 20 year old cousin Goyo to see if we would be interested in photographing him for LatinBoyz.Com we were immediately impressed by his thick uncut cock and hot bubble butt, not to mention his sexy body and cute face. Then he started bragging about how big his loads »more

  • Savior-and-Flex_01006

    Savior and Flex

    Savior and Flex were two of our most popular models last year so you can imagine of bummed we were when we lost contact with both models. Luckily fate intervened and they met on a dating app and ended up fucking around. They really hit it off and Savior knew he wanted to fuck Flex’s »more

  • Jay_Diamond_and_C-LO_01008

    Jay Diamond and C-LO

    When Jay Diamond did his solo photoshoot he told us he likes to make the person he is fucking scream during sex as he pounds their tight ass with his huge meat. Well that was something we had to find out for ourselves and we knew C-Lo could handle his big Puerto Rican cock. It »more

  • Savior-and-Christian-Latinboyz_01006

    Savior and Christian

    At LA Pride last month we had an Amateur Porn contest that Lil Felix won and ended up with a hot three way action scene as a result. We were so happy with that shoot we decided to do it again for San Francisco Pride and the winner was a sexy 19 year old named »more

  • Johnny-and-Trelino-Latinboyz_01007

    Johnnie and Trelino

    A couple weeks ago at the Long Beach Gay Pride event we hired Johnnie and Trelino to work at the LatinBoyz.Com booth to promote our website. They both became very friendly, in fact so friendly they disappeared for over an hour. When they finally came back they both had smiles on their faces. We found »more

  • Latinboyz_Model_Trelino_01003


    Trelino recently moved to Los Angeles from Miami and is Puerto Rican with a nice thick uncut cock, some of the most amazing abs ever on LatinBoyz.Com, and a hot musclar butt. He loves to show off and said if he could he would walk around nude if it were legal. When we first saw »more

  • latinboyz_model_c-lo_01008


    C-LO is 18 years old and from Los Angeles. He loves to swim which keeps his body toned and looking good but all the exercise he gets makes him constantly horny. He told us he gets spontaneous erections all the time which is quite a problem when you consider how big his uncut cock is. »more